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Glencoe Tripple 7

Thinking outside the box Jamie and I came up with a slightly different challenge which turned into one of the most memorable and enjoyable days of the winter, caught just as the season was coming to a close.

Bidean nam Bian has 3 great valleys that run down its flanks into Glen Coe. In each of the valleys lies a classic grade VII winter route. Doing all 3 in a season is a brilliant achievement, so it seamed natural to attempt to link them together in a single push. After a prolonged warm and sunny spell in February I had forgotten about the plight of winter climbing and was fully in the swing of enjoying rock cragging in shorts and t-shirts. Then winter made a sudden return and we agreed we had better give the challenge a go and not leave it till next year. Being March meant we had the long day light on our side too.

Throughout the day we both recorded lots of little snippets on our phones and Jamie has put together the video below, which brilliantly encapsulates the vibe of the day.

We hope others are inspired to give it a go as its a great adventure and we'd love to see it become a fun challenge to compare stories about.


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