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Cuillin Ridge Traverse kit list

Kit for 2 long days in the hills with an overnight bivi on the ridge in between.


· Base layer/thermal

· Fleece jumper

· Spare warm layer

· Waterproof jacket

· Light weight waterproof trousers

· Light weight walking trousers (ones with a slight stretch material make walking and climbing easier.)

· Walking boots or preferably approach shoes (these are slightly more similar to climbing shoes and don’t have ankle support. The advantage being that they are easier to climb in.)

· Hat & thin gloves


· Sleeping bag. (2/3 season. Good quality one that is both warm but is light weight for carrying. Down is better warmth/weight ratio.)

· Camp mat (cheap foam roll up mat. We will be sleeping on a flat patch of gravel so a blow up one could easily burst.)

· Helmet (I have spare if you do not have one.)

· Harness (I have spare.)

· Rucksack (30-45l. Comfortable for long days with waist and chest strap. Lined with bin bag or dry bag.)

· Walking poles are optional but must be foldable to fit inside a pack when climbing.


· Camera

· Phone

· Head torch

· Sun cream/glasses

· Extra blister plasters

· Emergency toilet roll in plastic bag

· Eating utensil (fork/spoon.)

· Food for both days. (Food that can be snacked on while on the move so we don’t need to stop too often e.g. bars.)

· Bottles of water. (1.5l each. A water bladder is also handy.)

Things I will provide:

· 40m rope

· Climbing gear (slings, nuts, cams, abseil tat and belay devices.)

· Jet boil stove & gas.

· First aid kit

· Freeze dried evening meal. (Let me know of any allergies or things to avoid?)

· Bivi bags (just a water and wind proof bag to sleep in and will keep you a bit warmer.)

· Compass, map and guide book


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