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Covid-19 procedures when on a guided day out

We are following the government advice as closely as possible as to when and how we can start instructing again. Last week the government announced that they will be lifting the travel limit for recreation on the 3rd of July. This date is very provisional and could change with circumstances. But at this point we will be accepting bookings from this date onwards. Should travel restrictions or advice against the activities we will be doing still be in-place, then clients will be able to receive a full refund or the ability to change the date at no extra cost.

We can't wait to start working again, however when we do start working things aren't going to be as they were. We will endeavour to go about our work in the safest and most responsible way possible. With Covid, this means several steps detailed below, will have to be followed in-order to reduce infection rates as much as possible.

Before leaving home clients must:

  • Stick to the most up to date government guidance on travel.

  • Not be showing or have shown symptoms of Coronavirus in the past 14 days. This could include temperature, cough and change to sense of smell or taste.

  • Not have been in contact with someone showing symptoms of Coronavirus in the past 14 days.

On-top of the usual required kit for the activity, clients must bring with them the following items:

  • Hand sanitiser.

  • Some form of face covering.

  • Personal first aid kit (plasters, pain killer, medication, nitrile gloves etc.)

  • Their own food and drink, not to be shared. This should be bought before leaving home as we should avoid using local amenities when in other areas.

  • Sun cream and midge sprey.

  • As much of their own kit as possible so equipment does not need to be lent out and passed around.

During the activity:

  • Clients and instructors should travel to the agreed meeting point in separate cars where possible.

  • Clients should take as much ownership as possible over any personal medical issues.

  • We will strive to work in low ratios, this means we will be leaning towards 1:1 and same household groups.

  • We will be encouraging clients to use as much of their own kit as possible. Where kit does need to be lent out, we will make sure to clean and quarantine it between uses.

  • We will aim to maintain a 2m distance where possible.

  • We must acknowledge the requirement for increased self reliance as a party due to the limitations placed on Mountain Rescue.

  • We must be mindful of honeypot areas and popular routes.

It is important to be aware that participation in an activity may increase the clients risk of exposure to infection of the virus relative to no-participation. It is highly important that clients inform their instructor of the development of any symptoms consistent with Covid-19.

We look forward to seeing you out in the hills again!


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