Learning the necessary skills to become independent mountaineers over a number of sessions can allow you the immense satisfaction of enjoying mountain adventures of your own. 

This may be ideal if you are an indoor climber, eager to take your first steps into the exciting world of climbing outdoors and would like an instructor to show you a safe and methodical way to go about it. If you know nothing at all we can start right from the beginning and teach you all there is to know! You may already have some experience climbing outside, but have a few questions or feel you are lacking knowledge in a certain area? Even if it's a very specific/advanced area such as rescue scenarios. Or if you would like some coaching in how to push your grade we would love to be apart of your journey.

These skills take both time and practice to master. As such, we recommend booking several days over a few months with a consolidation period between. Each session will build upon what you know, while you put the skills to use on your own in between. 

We run all rock teaching days in a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio so that you can get the most out of you time and ensure an optimal learning enviroment. If you already have a regular climbing partner, then coming along as a pair and learning together will make you a stronger team.

Naismith's route, The Bhasteir Tooth

Eagle Ridge, Lochnagar

Naismith's route, The Bhasteir Tooth



Daily rate for instructor to client ratio given. Prices are per person.