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The Alps provide a brilliant step up from the mountains of the UK. The differences are glacial approaches, long committing routes, alpine huts, good food and the effects of altitude.


What are the classics?

4000 meter peak bagging is popular of which there are 82. 

The mittaleggie ridge on The Eiger - Grinderwald.

The Hornli ridge on The Matterhorn - Zermatt.

Cosmique arete, Aiguille de Midi - Chamonix.

Dent de Geant - Chamonix.

What are the big challenges?

Grande courses.

Cassin route on The Piz Badile.

Comici-Diami on The Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The 6 great north faces of the alps.

What are the costs?

In addition to the guiding fee listed below clients are also required to pay for all additional expenses incured over the duration of the trip, these could be: 

Accommodation for yourself and the guide.

Any uplift for yourself and the guide.

Any food for yourself and the guide.

Fuel costs calculated at 45p/mile.

Parking, trains and buses etc.


What kit is required?

I have an alpine kit list on my blog here.

If you need a hand with recommendations for accommodation, kit hire and restaurants please let us know.

Prices start as below but my increase depending on the chosen objective.


Daily rate for guide to client ratio given. Maximum number of participants will vary depending on the route.









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